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The Amsterdam bicycle brand Project 346 was born in 2006 out of passion for cycling and design. Inspired by the heritage from the past, we aim to translate proven classics into modern design. Characteristic of a Project 346 design is the placement of the crank in the belly of the frame. The inspiration for this position of the motor comes from the old board track racers. Instead of using the motor to go forward, the human body becomes the engine. Take your cruiser for a spin around the city or for a long pleasant trip outdoors and discover how comfortable and relaxed cycling can be!

Please explore our website and visit the bikes page for all models and the parts page for a glimpse of our parts collection. Get inspired by others on the customs page and if that’s still not enough to get you rolling on a Project 346 cruiser, contact your local dealer for a test ride and prices.

Project 346 will also bring new parts and accessories in 2013/2014. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to know!

PROJECT 346 is part of The Chopperdome in Amsterdam. Contact us on or +31204864517 for dealer and distribution inquiries.


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Check out the Project 346 Cruiser. Available for both women and men we present different colors. All Cruisers are equiped with the proven Shimano Nexus 3 speed coaster rear hub and the Shimano Roller brake in the front.   Check our bikes page for the Basman models!    You can find our dealer list in the dealer section. If there is not a dealer in your area you can always contact us. Do you want to become a dealer, please do not hesitate to contact us as well.





  • Leather saddles



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